9 in 1 Push Up Rack

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The 9-in-1 Supreme Push Up Rack Board is a color-coded push-up board perfect for that home workout training system that you have been looking for, designed for all fitness levels.

9 in 1 Power Push Up Board (25%Off) Complete Training System ...

It will strengthen and sculpt your whole upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms)

The different color-coded push-up board will target specific muscles and work them to your maximum pump. Use the Blue area and pre-sets for your chest workout, the Red pre-sets for your shoulders, the Yellow pre-sets for your back, and the Green pre-sets for your triceps while engaging your entire core.

How to Use the Push Up Rack Board plate for your workout:

  1. Quickly connect the two interlocking pieces when you want to use

  2. Insert the Premium Comfort Hand Grips into the desired color-coded positions on the board to train that muscle group

  3. By using the push-up board you eliminate stress on your hands and wrists as opposed to comparing them to traditional push-ups. This helps you keep good form and build the muscles in the right shape.

The panel thickness is 18mm with these dimensions 59.5 cm * 18.3 cm * 1.8 cm. 

It is simple to assemble when you want to use it. You can easily slide it under the couch or bed, for example, to store it away when you not using it.


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